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Roohallah "Row-Hu-Lá" Mobarez


As a formerly incarcerated individual himself, Roohallah Mobarez brings a unique perspective to his work, informed by his personal experiences from the challenges he faced when transitioning back into society. Since his release, he spearheaded the development of Colorado's only certified recovery residence for individuals with a sex offense conviction, utilizing a trauma-informed and restorative practices approach. Prior to founding Mobarez Solutions, Roohallah spent his career as a leader within the non-profit sector, helping organizations develop innovative ideas, manage projects & improve marketing strategies. This dedication to the betterment of the community is further exemplified through his work at Mobarez Solutions, where he actively challenges the stigma surrounding individuals with sex offenses, seeking to promote a more positive and restorative future. His exceptional journey of redemption is a testament to the transformative power of redemption and serves as an inspiration to others.

Advisory board

Experienced Advisors for Ethical Leadership

Our Advisory Board is a group of seasoned advisors from diverse backgrounds who are deeply committed to our organization's vision and mission. With decades of experience in their respective fields, members offer valuable insights and guidance to steer Mobarez Solutions towards success. Their focus on ethical leadership ensures that our organization operates with integrity and transparency in all our endeavors. We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated group of individuals on our Advisory Board, and we look forward to announcing their names and contributions in the near future.

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